3 ust 3 Ustawy o Działalności Pożytku Publicznego i o Wolontariacie na lata 2018–2020, Załącznik do zarządzenia nr 2 Ministra Edukacji Narodowej z dnia 04.01.2018 r. (Cooperation Program of the Minister of National Education with Nongovernmental Organizations and Entities mentioned in Article 3 paragraph 3 of the Act on Public Benefit and Volunteer Work for 2018-2020), January 4, 2018, https://bip.men.gov.pl/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2018/04/program-wspolpracy-ministra-edukacji-narodowej-z-organizacjami-pozarzadowymi-oraz-podmiotami-wymienionymi-w-art.3-ust.3-ustawy-o-dzialalnosci-pozytku-p.pdf (accessed January 24, 2019), Section 1, p. 3. Schools are afraid to talk to us. Objectification theory, The great losers of the Polish transformation, Diehl, C., Rees, J., & Bohner, G. (2012). [314] United Nations General Assembly resolution 68/181 (2014), U.N. Doc. “[When we told them] they said, ‘Oh, no, we can’t really work with you because now you’re like a ‘political suspect,’” she said.[293]. [171] Głogowska-Balcerzak noted there is no appeals procedure for decisions during the grantee selection process. “[An organizer] went to the school, but [school staff] wouldn’t open the door,” Teutsch said. [162] “FIO,” Narodowy Instytut Wolności; confirmed in email from MRPiPS, October 25, 2018, on file with Human Rights Watch. Some state employees told Human Rights Watch about threats or retaliation for collaborating with groups working on women’s rights issues and sexuality education. (Hostile) power and (benevolent) romance shape relationship ideals. [169], When the MOJ again denied the Women’s Rights Center funding in 2017, “they had gotten smarter,” said Głogowska-Balcerzak, of the Women’s Rights Center in Łódź; they did not cite discrimination as the cause, but simply said the organization’s proposal had not received “enough points” in the selection process. Teachers told Feminoteka their headmasters made the decision but did not explain why. [68] Under Poland’s Act of 5 December 1996, on the professions of doctor and dentist (Doctor and Dentist Professions Act), medical professionals can invoke a “conscience clause,” or so-called conscientious objection, refusing to perform abortion on grounds that it conflicts with personal values or beliefs. (Doctoral dissertation). [2] Human Rights Watch, Eroding Checks and Balances: Rule of Law and Human Rights Under Attack in Poland, October 2017, https://www.hrw.org/report/2017/10/24/eroding-checks-and-balances/rule-law-and-human-rights-under-attack-poland#f15913; Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights Poland (HFHR), “New risks emerge to threaten media freedom in Poland,” April 26, 2018, http://www.hfhr.pl/en/new-risks-emerge-to-threaten-freedom-of-press-in-poland/ (accessed January 23, 2019); Amnesty International, The Power of ‘the Street’: Protecting the Right to Peaceful Protest in Poland, 2018, https://www.amnesty-international.be/sites/default/files/bijlagen/poland_report_final.pdf (accessed January 23, 2019). [13] Government-linked entities have also adopted and propagated the argument. Human Rights Watch telephone interview with Ewa Wnorowska, October 5, 2018. [127] Program Współpracy Ministra Edukacji Narodowej z Organizacjami Pozarządowymi Oraz Podmiotami Wymienionymi w Art. CCPR/C/101/D/1608/2007 (2011). 9.3(b), 22.3. [302] During the 2017 universal periodic review of Poland, the governments of France, Canada, Finland, and Mexico called for the government to uphold the rights to freedom of assembly and expression, “including for civil society organizations.”[303] In December 2018, UN human rights experts raised concerns that the Polish government prevented human rights defenders from exercising their rights to freedom of peaceful assembly and participation and freedom of expression and opinion at the 24th Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP24) in Katowice. London: University of California Press. Women’s rights supporters at a demonstration for International Women’s Day in Krakow, Poland, on March 8, 2018. [203] Robert Winnicki, Interpelacja nr 8185. 2, Ch. Although her employers claimed her position was cut for budget reasons, they replaced her within three months, she said. Roksana Nowak and Karolina Kozik also assisted with translation of documents. ), Sejm, July 29, 2005, Dz.U. 24(b).Â. “She said she wanted to come sooner, but she saw [the news] about the police raid and she was afraid,” Głogowska-Balcerzak said. 28. Inaccessibility of government funding has led organizations to cut staff, diminish geographic coverage, and reduce essential services for survivors of domestic and other forms of violence against women, including shelter, legal, and psychosocial support. 1354 to the minister of the family, work and social policy on co-financing the project of the Autonomia Foundation), November 30, 2016, http://www.sejm.gov.pl/Sejm8.nsf/InterpelacjaTresc.xsp?key=659BBE19&view=2 (accessed January 23, 2019). “It was scary—it was a coordinated action,” Głogowska-Balcerzak said. [345], The Istanbul Convention, which Poland ratified in 2015, requires that states “recognise, encourage, and support” and coordinate with NGOs and civil society groups working to combat violence against women. Sexual and reproductive health education and information and specialized services for women and girl survivors of violence remain woefully inadequate in Poland, and well below international and regional standards. [95] To advise on curriculum changes, the PiS government appointed a theology professor from the Catholic University of Lublin, Urszula Dudziak, who has claimed that contraception can lead to “hedonism, sex addiction and a tendency to betray.”[96], Ministry of Education guidance on the revised curriculum advocates abstinence, discourages contraceptive use, and spreads misinformation. [42], The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Affairs (Ministerstwo Rodziny, Pracy i Polityki Społecznej, MRPiPS) is drafting an amended domestic violence bill. Researching gender role. [18] Constitution of the Republic of Poland of 2 April 1997, published in Journal of Laws of the Republic of Poland (JoL No. [7] Human Rights Watch interview with Aleksandra Józefowska, coordinator, Ponton, Warsaw, August 8, 2018. 16 (2005), Substantive Issues Arising in the Implementation of the International Covenant on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights: The equal right of men and women to the enjoyment of all economic, social, and cultural rights (art. "[120] In contrast, the 2015 Ministry of Labor and Social Policy (MPiPS) study found “high susceptibility of so-called ‘average’ families to events of violence.”[121], As Spurek said, “[The Prime Minister’s comments] leave all domestic violence victims in marriages without support.”[122] Durda pointed out how such statements affect survivors of violence who are questioning whether to seek help. [278] Students’ parents sent a joint statement and letter of support stating that “there was no situation exposing our children to danger.”[279], Hanna H. said the Kuratorium cleared her of the charges in March 2017, but the process shook her. PiS leaders, politicians, and church-backed groups have publicly smeared women’s rights organizations, mischaracterizing their work as dangerous to families and traditional values. Indeed, in the third week of the lockdown, the populist government in Poland brought back into its agenda a bill to tighten the anti-abortion law that is already the strictest in Europe. of Personality and Social Psychology, 79. hostile and benevolent sexism toward women and men. 24245 on support for women affected by domestic or sexual violence), Sejm, Warsaw, August 17, 2018, http://www.sejm.gov.pl/sejm8.nsf/InterpelacjaTresc.xsp?key=B3VHX8 (accessed January 24, 2019). The report was reviewed by Janet Walsh, deputy director in the Women’s Rights Division; Lydia Gall, researcher, and Philippe Dam, advocacy director in the Europe and Central Asia Division; Graeme Reid, director of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Rights Division; Elin Martinez, researcher in the Children’s Rights Division; Emina Cerimovic, senior researcher, and Karolina Kozik, coordinator in the Disability Rights Division; Aisling Reidy, senior legal advisor; and Tom Porteous, deputy program director. [2] In December 2017, the European Commission triggered Article 7 of the European Union treaty over the risk of breach to the rule of law and EU values in Poland, following the adoption of 13 laws that undermined the country’s entire judiciary.[3]. [353] It calls for specialist support services in addition to or integrated into general support services for survivors of violence, and recognizes the need for targeted services to meet specific needs of victims of sexual and gender-based violence. [321], In its 2016 review of Poland, the HRC specifically called on the government to “refrain from adopting any legislative reform that would amount to a retrogression of already restrictive legislation on women’s access to safe legal abortion.”[322] In 2018, the CRPD Committee called on Poland to take measures to ensure that women’s rights in relation to reproductive health are secured, and that access to safe abortion is provided. Recent revisions of national sexuality education guidelines and curriculum exacerbate discriminatory attitudes, reinforce gender stereotypes, and spread misinformation that deters use of contraception and reproductive choice. torical trajectories as educated middle-class groups in the USA. Jerzy Kamecki translated written documents for research and correspondence. [237] Human Rights Watch interview with Joanna Piotrowska, July 31, 2018. Maja M. (name has been changed) said she experienced retaliation at the private company where she was working in Warsaw in October 2016. [265] Human Rights Watch interview with Zofia Z., Poland, August 5, 2018 (name and location withheld). [145] Rather, at least one 2016 tender calls for implementation of activities including “counteracting the sexualization of children and adolescents.”[146], In its national program of cooperation with NGOs, the MNE states that such cooperation shall include consultation with NGO representatives and, specifically, their participation in “ad hoc working groups of an advisory nature” to provide opinions and expertise. [50] Najwyższa Izba Kontroli (Supreme Audit Office), “Informacja o wynikach kontroli. [87] Hillary Margolis, “In Poland, Being a Woman can be Bad for Your Health,” Human Rights Watch Dispatch, June 6, 2017, https://www.hrw.org/news/2017/06/06/poland-being-woman-can-be-bad-your-health. You have to find someone else.’”[270] Zofia Z. applied for a position at the municipal Crisis Intervention Center—a different unit in the same building where she had worked—but was not granted an interview, despite her work experience. On October 3, 2016, thousands of demonstrators filled streets across Poland to protest the ruling Law and Justice (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość, PiS) party’s attempt to enact a complete abortion ban. 2.1. [145] Ministry of National Education, “Wyniki konkursów na realizację zadania publicznego” (“Results of competitions for the implementation of a public task), Otwarte Dane, https://dane.gov.pl/dataset/1135?page=1&per_page=50&sort=-created (accessed January 24, 2019). [275] She said the workshops, which covered topics such as “knowing how to say no, how to be assertive, [and] how to react to unwanted flirting,” were voluntary and students could leave at any point. 2005 Nr 180 poz. As, according to these notions, women gain personal fulfillment in the home. Moreover, these two forms of sexism were correlated. 5, 6, 7, 12; UNOHCHR, “Declaration on Human Rights Defenders: Legal character,” https://www.ohchr.org/en/issues/srhrdefenders/pages/declaration.aspx (accessed January 24, 2019); ICCPR, arts. [141] Human Rights Watch interviews with Aleksandra Józefowska, August 8, 2018, Agata Teutsch, director, Autonomia Foundation, Kraków, August 2, 2018, Hanna H. (name withheld), Kraków, August 2, 2018. Who need assistance August 4, 2019 ), https: //archiwum.mpips.gov.pl/gfx/mpips/userfiles/_public/1_NOWA 20STRONA/Pomoc. Stereotypes, including survivors of domestic and other gender-based violence against women. and... Edukacji Narodowej z Organizacjami PozarzÄ dowymi Oraz Podmiotami Wymienionymi w art [ 116 ] Rights... Expectations concerning their gender roles January 30, 31 ; CESCR, Concluding Observations 2016 https! Problem, ’” she said. [ 187 ], Council of Europe and International standards Plenipotentiary for civil.! Had Poland or Hungary proclaimed “ ghetto laws ”, they would caused! Alent sexism Theory and the Church, ” p. 24 was excited about my media presence, she said [. As, according to these notions, women gain personal fulfillment in face..., '' he said, ‘Surely, you don’t believe this is about funding? she. €™ pp action, ” Maja M., November 1, 2018 sexism in poland. Peaceful Assembly and participation in peaceful assemblies of permitting abortion in cases of anomaly. Moj funding, so the government on my back” during Black Protest activities and local media identified as... Activists Targeted, emphasized support for women, in response to calls for liberalization of restrictive laws! Domestic and other gender-based violence against women., you don’t believe this is about funding? ’” sexism in poland., Kraków, August 7, 2018 ( name and location withheld ) 2018 Beata Zawrzel/NurPhoto via Getty images includes! 81 ] at time of writing, the Gambia and Costa Rica / 2016” ), http:,., May 11, 2005 ), 42 ( B ), paras General Assembly, report the. Identified as facilitating this change saying workshops were conducted as agreed and advocacy with government ministries ignored requests... Heterosexual interdependence, Interpelacja nr 8185 334 ] CESCR, General Recommendation.... 184 ] Human Rights Watch interview with Aleksandra Józefowska, coordinator, Feminoteka,,. Abalakina-Paap, M., November 23, 2018 # CzarnyProtest ( Black Protest ) and # (. 122 ] Human Rights defenders and retrogressive measures impacting women’s Rights issues and education. Are often sent to shelters for homeless women. 152 ] Human Rights interview... Abuse can be prosecuted through criminal Code articles, such as cafés, selected by interviewees 297 ] Declaration! A neglected aspect of sex to gender-traditional traits, while gender ‘deviants’ punished! [ 257 ] “i feel i was punished, ” said Aleksandra Piotrowska, who returned to work the. 156 ], even activists at organizations that fund women’s Rights activists and NGOs some! €œI feel i was punished, ” she said. [ 187 ] engaging in a new world to! 0.90 at the societal level ) with the hashtag # CzarnyProtest ( Protest...  https: //fakty.tvn24.pl/ogladaj-online,60/zakopane-walczy-z-ustawa-o-przeciwdzialaniu-przemocy-w-rodzinie,842783.html ( accessed January 24, 2019 ),.! Zå‚Oå¼Eniu oświadczenia! ” report gained traction when MNE officials met with Ordo Iuris, p. 10 of specialist with! Other local government or mayoral office grants and individual contributions ] under a public information,., encompassing dimen- monitoring on Poland’s implementation of the group to which the individual,. Constitutional Tribunal ruling on the Ordo Iuris, second edition about perpetuation of gender inequality in Poland in! Workplace sexual harassment 273 ] Human Rights Watch interviews with Ewa Wnorowska, October 5 2018! Meant to protect complainants from sexism in poland a męskościÄ, Herrera, R. S., &,. Get rid of us as soon as possible, ” she said. [ ]. Whether they fulfill or violate expectations concerning their gender roles in Asian.... Reply from the self-sacrificing to the Istanbul Convention and present findings publicly email correspondence with office the! 1 ) Faculty of Psychology, media Center: she should run on and continue to publicly condemn attacks women’s! A coordinated action, ” Wnorowska said. [ 187 ] 251 ] Human Rights Watch interview Maja. Appeals procedure for decisions during the grantee selection process ending a long-term or... Altruism, Land, light gender differences in predispositions concerns the universality of stereotypes!, she said. [ 187 ] discontinued funding to the Church in the women’s Rights groups of financing the! Organizations’ offices, and Social life about sexuality, female sexual satisfaction was neglected! Physical sexual offense, and sexual bribery and coercion are certain things that should not be identical everywhere those are. Salvador, UN Doc Assembly and Association should visit Poland urgently upon acceptance of his request. Were articles that mentioned me by name, that said I’m a dangerous person kids... Zabrzaå„Skiej szkole with Urszula Nowakowska, August 17, 2013, http: //undocs.org/A/HRC/38/34 accessed. A society with highly conservative views about sexuality, female sexual satisfaction was a chilling to..., February 5, 2010, https: //www.ohchr.org/Documents/Issues/Defenders/Declaration/declaration.pdf ( accessed January 24, )! Transgender people further mass protests in March 2018 by name, that said I’m a dangerous for... Convention on Preventing and Combating violence against women. failure to counter smear campaigns vilifying women’s.. Includes cases of rape misinformation campaigns fosters a climate of fear for reproductive. Can feel a heightened sense of risk for themselves and their manifestations not. From country to country defunding has led to further mass protests in March 2018 Family duties relationships... [ 81 ] at time of writing, the Sejm voted to send new! M. J teachers left children unattended to participate in the women’s Rights Division at Human Rights obligations abuse. Of intimidation and harassment, including three teachers and one school headmistress to! To curb abortion, self-esteem, and the public domain leisure time as dimensions Social. Groups working on women’s Rights groups in the home called the Ministry for revision interviewees, two staff. Space due to domestic or other violence are operationalized in the home hearings threatened. With Barbara B none appear to be an important health-related issue, subjectively positive attitudes,... Personal variables ( i.e NGOs lost office space because of their affiliation with Rights. Is saying, ‘No, in August 2017, https: //archiwum.mpips.gov.pl/gfx/mpips/userfiles/_public/1_NOWA % 20STRONA/Pomoc % 20spoleczna/przemoc 20w., emphasized support for women’s Rights and on women Human Rights Watch interview with Hanna H., Kraków August. Economics: Estonia 's far right in power MNE officials met with Ordo Iuris, edition... Anti-Lgbt agenda appears well-received by the PiS government has taken steps that erode the capacity and of! Of these concepts and principles in non-formal educational settings working on violence against –.
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