UPM Plywood Niemenkatu 16 P.O. For face grain parallel to supports, tables are based on three spans for spans of 16" and less, and two spans for 24". High-performance pine core. 3835 E. Thousand Oaks Blvd. 30%T/T as deposit, 70% T/T against B/L copy Core: poplar, hardwood, birch We reserve the right to amend specifications without notice or obligation. plywood is an Exterior-type panel manu-factured only with 100 percent water-proof adhesive. Less primer is required than non-overlaid plywood. It has been in widespread use as sheathing in residential and commercial construction for well over 50 years and has developed a reputation as a premium panel product for both commodity and specialty applications. Panel Construction and Moisture Resistance Pre-Primed MDO is a proprietary, thermo-set, acrylic, primed MDO which is applied to Douglas Fir/Hemlock plywood. EN 636-3. It is the earth’s natural, energy efficient and renewable building material. Roseburg DuraGard MDO is made with a high-quality paper that is saturated with phenolic resin solids and overlaid on our exterior-grade plywood panels. The tables do not apply directly to plywood having a single span. MDO is an exterior plywood, it features a weather-resistant layer of resin-infused fibre which seals the board. Plywood Logistics is a leading supplier of Medium Density Overlay (MDO) Plywood in California and all over the USA. Plywood is manufac- tured with an odd number of layers, each layer consisting of one or more sheets of veneer (thin sheets of wood). Comparing mdo plywood prices. We use mainly inland Douglas fir and Western larch due to their ability to produce fine grain and smooth faces. It is produced with a 2 Step layup, has a waterproof glue bond and meets APA PS 1-07 specifications. Its core is constructed using exterior grade plywood. Box 203 FI-15141 Lahti Finland Tel. 100% Irrevocable L/C at sight, E-mail:  info@plywood.cc mason.woodchina@gmail.com Softwood Plywood OFFICE 541.461.4545 FAX 541.461.4546 www.murphyplywood.com 2350 Prairie Road Eugene, OR 97402 rev 5/17 Description: One side MDO BCX Structural 1 Concrete Form Size: 48” X 96” + 0, - 1/16” Thickness: 5/8” Construction: 5 ply Douglas fir Overlay: 35% resin content MDO Edge Seal: Willamette Valley Form Seal (Gray #15) Release Agent: Nox-Crete™ Form Coating E Regular MDO is produced with B-grade face and back veneers and C-grade inner plies. 755010122. We reserve the right to amend specifications without notice or obligation. They help reduce waste by decreasing disposal costs and product damage. Medium density overlay panel, or MDO panel, is a paintable surface made of plywood with a weather-resistant resin overlay bonded to the wood by heat and pressure. Thickness of 11/16. Medium Density Overlay (MDO) Plywood is water-resistant hardwood plywood with a smooth texture for paint and primer. All adhesives used are fully waterproof phenolic resins that meet APA exterior glue bond standards. Specifications: Thickness: 1/2″ Panel Sizes: 4’ x 8’ SIGNREADY UV™ Click here for spec sheet. Check Other Stores closed. MDO Plywood ... Eucalypt(Eucalyptus) Plywood/Film Faced Plywood, Best Wishes From Mason Pan – See See Plywood, The meaning of "whole piece core veneer" in China Plywood Industry, Australian Standards For Reconstituted Wood-based Panels, Fibreboard, Particleboard, Applications Of Hardwood & The Principles For Choosing A Hardwood. £58.80 (Inc. VAT) £49.00 (Ex. It is built for exterior use but can also be used anywhere regular plywood is used. For in-depth information about HDO and MDO concrete forming and other applications, or to find … Medium Density Overlay- MDO. Working Faces/Treatment: Guardian® One-Step MDO is available with one or two working faces and no backer. The high integrity Ultra-Core construction features composed cross-bands for tight core gap tolerances for more than stringent APA specifications. (APA, 2010) This states that D-grade veneer is not permitted in exterior plywood and that an MDO panel should be composed of C-grade or higher veneer throughout with B-grade facings. Faces “B” grade veneer under paper Wood plugs or putty repairs, minimal use of polyurethane patch Pre-primed paper available One or two side … Wood is a renewable resource that is easily manufactured into a variety of viable products. Note: Applicable for plywood across two or more spans Load Tables developed by APA: The Engineered Wood Association. It has a smooth texture ready for primer and paint. Get Pricing and Availability. AraucoPly is Radiata Pine plywood manufactured with phenolic resin in accordance with international product standards. Sidebar . This standard also requires that an exterior plywood be bonded using a waterproof … MDO Panel SPECIFICATIONS: Lengths – 8′ & 10′ Widths – 4′ Thickness – 3/8″, 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 1″ Grades – APA & PS 1-09 Specifications; Overlay – Smooth resin (water resistant phenolic) impregnated cellulose fiber overlay For face grain across supports, and spans of 32" and less, three spans are assumed, and two spans for spans greater than 32". MDO Plywood is suitable for making signboard, cabinet and premium furniture. Medium Density Overlay 1/2 Cat Ps1-09 Square Structural Douglas Fir Mdo Plywood, Application as 4 x 8. HDO- Versus MDO-Coated Form Panels We know that overlaid plywood forming panels have greater dimensional stability and smoother, more durable forming surfaces than nonoverlaid panels. AraucoPly® plywood is 100% wood which provides your projects a decorative finish with wood’s natural look. DokaPly MDO 18mm 122/244cm . Nanjing,China 210012. Product Features and Applications. plywood type: mdo plywood; type of species - inner plies - alternate plies: asian hardwood; species - inner plies - alternate plies: birch; min order volume: 40 - 5000 m3 spot - 1 time ; Pre-Primed MDO is a proprietary, thermo-set, acrylic, primed MDO which is applied to Douglas Fir/Hemlock plywood. You can easily wholesale quality mdo plywood at wholesale prices on Made-in-China.com. Roseburg manufactures a complete offering of plywood concreting forming panels that are engineeered to provide the perfect desired finish to any concrete work. Roseburg Concrete Plywood Form Panel MSDS 04/15/13 page 5 No information available at this time. View as: 2 3 4. This type of panel is strong yet lightweight, waterproof, and resistant to humidity. Click here to Tell us now. MDO is much more versatile, cuts better, … MDO (Medium-density overlay) plywood is an all-purpose, specialty plywood that can be used for a large variety of projects and applications. MDO (Medium Density Overlay), are a kind of good film (paper) which are used as plywood face/back. Guide to Specifications ..... 17-20 Storage and Handling ... and Industrial Plywood. PourMor MDO is an MDO concrete-forming plywood manufactured by Roseburg and is designed for exterior concrete-forming applications. Face/back : MDO one or two sides MDO is an exterior grade plywood with a weather-resistant layer of resin-infused fiber that seals it from the elements.
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