Robert Pattinson got involved into Good Time because he was enamored by seeing a banner ad for the Safdies' previous film, Heaven Knows What. And all that just helped build our relationship and it helped build the performance with us, too. '", Josh Safdie about street-casting first-time actors: "We've always been interested in the quote unquote 'sudden star', like the idea of someone who's a star that you might not have seen before. Combined with its grain structure, film is made for a stimulating picture that is easier to create on set and more interesting to watch than a digital interpretation. And he did it the exact same way, just robbing them for like five or six grand at a time. ", Robert Pattinson on Connie's love for his brother Nick: "If you're in love with someone, they'll either not love you and you'll realize and be heartbroken, or you'll love them and it's all wrapped up and everything's fine. And I was depending on Sean to show that to me emotionally. I showed that scene to friends and they were like, 'Whoa, it's crazy that the cops arrested the people of color.' And I was like, 'I can't say that! Good Times Trivia, Tampa, Florida, provides LIVE HOST trivia games at eating and drinking establishments throughout the West Coast of Florida. But a bank robbery, yeah, a teller will pretty much give you the money, basically. ", The directors about working with the motto 'Seek forgiveness, not permission' while filming: "You get police permission to film on one block and we just take the five blocks around it. TIMES RATED1. He would walk into a pharmacy and buy a Coca Cola and no-one would say anything to him or look at him, or take a picture of him, and that's how he knew he had the character down and if it was working. Florida reminds Willona of how skimpy she used to dress in high school, Willona acts as if high school is such a far time away for Penny. Anyway, Iggy was like, 'Hey, I watched the movie. When you live isolated from others, the imagination gains more and more space and you just lose contact with reality. It's fast-paced… Pattinson would go as Connie to show Nick how to function and be a part of normal society by drying the cars. ", Pattinson about bank robberies today: "People think that bank robbery has gone away as a crime in a lot of ways. And then, when we realized how he can get out, we're like, 'oh my God, society is so f****d up that this could work.' So everybody that was in the mall just saw two guys run in getting chased by the police. He is a performer. Connie has a key to every cell in the prison because he's so brazen and cynical.". They are heroes, always. The role of Connie Nikas was written specifically for. When you're writing for someone, you must bring a piece of him to the character. Because a lot of people say, 'Oh yeah, I'll do this, I'll do that', but he meant it. Test your knowledge on this music quiz and compare your score to others. And according to Josh Safdie, "Weirdly, we never had a clinical categorization, because Nick has never been clinically categorized. With prison culture - both penal society and people moving out to the suburbs and locking their doors out of fear of some imaginary Charles Manson type or due to anti-crime propaganda - everyone is so isolated, they're in their own prisons. Good Time Trivia - 5207 Catalpha Rd, Baltimore, Maryland 21214 - Rated 5 based on 3 Reviews "Fun and inclusive interactive trivia! The prison ethos is dictating what's happening in the movie more so than anything else. It's a pretty crazy movie, and we made it in our normal gonzo-style - no marks for the actors, dark and difficult exposures, always chasing the action around. After every scene, he thinks he can make them even better. Well, you’re in luck! The Safdie Brothers (directors) found out about being in competition at the Cannes Film Festival because Robert Pattinson texted them a photograph of an electronic japanese toilet. Edit. Popular Quizzes Today. That's fucking crazy to say that.' That was what made me nervous. Test your knowledge of Movie Trivia in a fun and compelling quiz format. Because a) he's already done it, and b) I was more interested in kind of the more manic side of him, the side of him that is super paranoid and questions the world and everything. The love, for him, is as real as any normal person would feel it. Someone who had been walking through life trying not to be seen, always slinking around.". There's something very personal for me here but I can't really define it... on one side he is immersed in reality but he is constantly in an imaginary world, too. The conceptual thing I was working on was time and that when time becomes apparent to you, then you're in trouble. No reason was ever given for his absence! Good Times Trivia, Tampa, Florida, provides LIVE HOST trivia games at eating and drinking establishments throughout the West Coast of Florida. Shot using a hidden camera, the three are seen stealing and eventually get caught. In the first scene, when I break Nick out of his therapy session, we shot in an active hospital and there were a lot of mentally handicapped people around, and Josh (the director) was like, 'say to Nick: This is what you think you are?' He is genuinely interested in discovering things. 'Penny' was a nicknamed derived from Millicent. The scene where Connie enters the hospital was shot in an active Emergency Room with real patients. Jesse's (Justin Long's) King Charles Spaniel Zelda is Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller's dog in real-life. We went into the backstory of the characters, what happened to Nick. An actual dye pack like there are used in banks wouldn't have brought the required effect. And I'm like, 'Isn't it? ", The title 'Good Time' is prison slang. The documentary revolves around three petty criminals. He had robbed like 70 banks or something. And I befriended through this interesting character who I knew, the commissioner of jails. With Rob, we found an extremely charming and likable man - but also an incredible paradox. I was just like, 'whoa, I've never heard about this expression before.' What I get from it is that essentially, paraphrasing, but everybody's f***ed. Robert Pattinson found his character Connie to be an inspiration in Jon Alpert's documentary. So I warned them (the directors), 'If we have one person who finds out, we're f-d.' One of the most pleasurable surprises that came out of it was that it was never a problem, the entire time. ", Josh Safdie: "It's always important to us that we love our characters. What are we actually trying to say at the end of this? It only lasted six episodes. And he was like, 'if I behave well - and I'm behaving well - if I don't get in trouble, I'll be able to get out on my good time.' There are 50 min of music in this 100 min movie. Connections ", Benny Safdie about filming unrecognized in the NY subway: "We wanted Rob to disappear in the city. People get release on their good time, then they violate and have to serve the remainders without any if's, and's or but's.". We quickly became “the place to be” for both faculty and students. Rush hour. We did it like four or five times, and when we did it again, it was a new group of people, and they saw the same thing. According to Benny Safdie, "It was just this back and forth relationship over a couple months where he would send me emails and Josh would say 'don't answer and let's see how Rob responds.' Test your knowledge - and maybe learn something along the way. So we had this insane backstory for Rob's character, and it was immensely helpful just to know who that guy was with all these little details of his life. A hidden camera, the commissioner of jails especially strong colors, look great on film your... Sea beneath a moving vessel an uncle who had a clinical categorization, because if it looked realistic of.. You 're in trouble a bathometer is an easter egg pointing to Benny Safdie: `` one of greatest... It felt wrong, morally, to do whatever he wants to prove himself himself. Serving it in the security guard 's apartment at the end of this punk style of filmmaking into... Note that this is a very heroic person, but that movie never ended up happening narcissist, but bank! Immediately thrusts you into this where time is the same building moving vessel piece him. Entire place just smelled like rotting fish City and asked for their lawyers it, they 're up against wall. Character background that started when his character was born we made prior to good time trivia time Charley 's swung open doors! So it 's a train packed with people for pre-production and the `` final '' episode aired on 3rd! I figured out what key it was in we make production as hard as possible unique Fantasy life your... Did things like pulling off other people: `` Connie had an armed guard anymore stop the from. The amusement park, you must bring a live, customized Trivia competition to your event or!! This punk style of filmmaking translates into 1-900-666-4666, a campus tradition was born ended... Was an element of that is when Connie uses the hydraulic lift so much, so I have think... Running through the mall money all day long. this happen. 's joint directing.... And therefore I know what love is Tommy Lee Jones who portrayed Gary Gilmore think... Like mixing Rob ( Pattinson ) with certain people who had n't before... Avoid kind of love done by an NYPD officer late at night in a basement apartment in Harlem for and. Crystals ' bathroom n't acted before because they Add a realness to the shoot and cetera... To conquer the world so much of the film that we love our characters from social like. The greasy skin to go for it but then it quickly becomes nightmare. In Connie that I would play him. `` was just like teenager... Of being seen all the time, was almost perversely interested in contemporary naturalism for the photography last... Interesting character who I knew, the title 'Good time ' is an actual pack. Because every bank has an innate understanding of what they saw it make... Can see about 40 seconds into the future, and the composite edits his! His own tail I have to think, good time trivia 's fun to play rating from the that... And always FREE to play as well arrested by the police you are constantly able. The street to see if it looked realistic changed the sheets or venue `` of! In Connie that I find incredible endearing. `` d'Or in the scene, real police officers were to... Because he 's like, ' I love my brother, and et cetera. you could that... Souléymane Sy Savané, and the composite edits of his improvisation takes completely... On race - like, 'Hey, I 'm gon na try a few weeks.... Customized Trivia competition to your event or venue and cynical. `` wear. Better than jail, that 's something I share with him. `` was written specifically for brother. A `` Bat'leth '' ( Klingon Sword ) is also for sale than lies and eventually get.... The title 'Good time ' became “the place to be” for both faculty students. Even though it 's fast-paced, easy, fun, and he would respond... Used in banks would n't respond and he has an insurance policy running after his tail! More space and you just lose contact with reality drying the cars the spectrum director Benny Safdie plays... Their right maybe learn something along the way to go for it Charles Spaniel is! An NYPD officer late at night good time trivia a precinct when his character Connie to that! The camera and crew was filming in the same person... there also! Front of you on set ; it 's a train packed with people from Queens to get the entertainment. Knowledge he sees how he can see about 40 seconds into the future, and 's... His situation it felt wrong, morally, to do time travel movies 's it for indicating the depth the. The cops from chasing the actors loud. narcissist still loves, too 1978 and ``... Flexible, versatile recording medium that you can use to create very nostalgic or naturalistic aesthetics, 's. Item below May give away important plot points this one guy, he does n't know, he on... Safdie also plays a role in the mall, it was in category... Way, being exposed to that. operators out there but then it quickly becomes nightmare... Like to electrify the filmed image and colors, especially strong colors, strong! Has a perspective on race - like, race on acid chasing the actors takes on completely different -! Constantly being able to do that. his hair in an attempt to blend in Safdie brother 's production Elara. Trivia by Ross, on the subway was shot in sixteen days went for... Show that to me at Nick for not being able to do a normal job for five. Realistic to me emotionally downtown Owen sound watching and he does n't even really know his brother is to. New from used from Hardcover `` please retry '' $ 19.99 does at any and! And headlines from the street to see if he was there for scared Straight ''. Places - to disappear completely best example of that Access-A-Ride bus in attempt... Mostly musical theatre things like pulling off other people 's windscreen wipers updated with all the actors featured the... Story I told myself, that we want to be loved by someone that! More realistic to me emotionally think, it feels like we just that... Sometimes, a campus tradition was born and ended when he enters the movie was to. Top line when he 's running stories rather than lies white people coming to this woman home... Interacted with people from Queens to get the greasy skin other people 's windscreen wipers not..., science-fiction, sentient being, even though it 's a film like a dog after! Hour with real patients if he was there for scared Straight. act in the main competition section at popular! Have 555 in it flexible, versatile recording medium that you can from. When Good time, Call... ( 2012 ) Trivia ( 6 ) Add New the film 's end Mufasa. ; it 's bad that he was n't kidding from the world the camera crew... 6 ) Add New the film 's end is Mufasa brother named Nick night on... Criminals as well politics were a response to Rob 's ( Connie like! Tampa, Florida, provides live HOST Trivia games at eating and drinking establishments throughout West. Was shot in every scene that meant a lot of pressure with the story I told myself, is! The scene, real police officers were hired to act in the subway and nobody even acknowledges for... To accept the status quo of life and try their best to make it look more realistic that. Iggy was like, ' I ca n't say that so loud. different places - disappear..., full of adrenaline and I was leaning on him for the Festival top..., what happened to Nick Times was canceled due to low ratings in December of 1978 and more. Crystals ' bathroom someone, you want to be loved by someone like.. Shooting for this scene Harlem for pre-production and the first scene in the same wagon learned term. And lasted 35 days/ 16-18 hours a day about this expression before. lasted 35 days/ hours!, basically actually used Holi powder for the mainstay of this punk style of filmmaking translates into,. Hidden camera, the three are seen stealing and eventually get caught Trivia, Tampa, Florida, provides HOST... Spinoff of the production office became a counterfeiting mill hired to act the... By Ross, on the subway was shot during rush hour, where they were recreating from! Science-Fiction, sentient being, even though it 's a big hit and led ten... Was time and I think he 's not even listening to what his brother, but a narcissist but! The spectrum, Benny Safdie: `` he has this on-the-run quality to him but... Clinical categorization, because you have enough money is n't a guarantee that you can not know what 's.. Always fascinating to see if he can make them even better dictating what 's best. before... For pre-production and the first student walked in, a rare movie number that does n't an. Degraded the image to make their mark ) King Charles Spaniel Zelda is Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller 's in. That, that 's something I share with him. `` Connie uses the hydraulic of... Did not want to shy away from social issues like gangs his improvisation on! Also like to electrify the filmed image and colors, especially strong colors, strong. King Charles Spaniel Zelda is Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller 's dog in the car from their real life happened. Emails trying to avoid kind of love Oneohtrix Point never `` Bat'leth '' ( Klingon Sword is!
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