devices were used first by the Chinese and then later by Portuguese settlers. tuna-fish. Tuna caught in industrialized areas of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans have 36 times more pollutants than those fished in remote parts of the West Pacific, scientists from … (uncountable, derogatory, slang) A woman. ભગવાન શિવ એ મહાદેવ કહેવાયા છે. (intransitive) To try to catch fish, whether successfully or not. (possibly archaic) Any vertebrate that lives in water and cannot live outside it. Get latest info on Tuna Fish, suppliers, wholesale suppliers, retailers & traders with Tuna Fish … આ વાનગી બનાવતી વખતે અમુક શબ્દો વારંવાર સાંભળવા મળે છે પણ ઘણાને તે શબ્દનો અર્થ કે તેને આપણે રોજબરોજની ભાષામાં શું કહીએ છે તે વિશે માહિતી હોતી નથી. (intransitive) To attempt to find or get hold of an object by searching among other objects. It is the most authentic Shabdkosh in English to Gujarati dictionary Collecting the list of fish names in different regional languages is the second set of assignment for my small friend. It prefers to live in the rocks and is considered one of the clean fish as it feeds on weeds. Yellowfin tuna steaks are being recalled over concerns they’re linked to scombroid poisoning. When translated into Greek, the Hebrew word for “, ” માટે વપરાયેલા મૂળ હિબ્રૂ શબ્દનું ગ્રીકમાં ભાષાંતર કરતા એનો અર્થ “દરિયાઈ રાક્ષસ” અથવા “મોટી. Of a batsman, to attempt to hit a ball outside off stump and miss it. Canned tuna is the best-selling seafood in the country, a category that includes all fish, fresh, frozen and canned. Compare shark (a good poker player). The process itself is safe, but the practice can be deceptive, since unscrupulous fish dealers may use it to make old fish appear fresh. (uncountable) The flesh of the fish used as food. એટલું જ નહિ, એમાં જુદી જુદી સો જાતની રંગબેરંગી, Nets over the pens keep marauding birds from stealing the, ટૂકડા કરીને ખાવા આપવામાં આવે છે. But it was once considered to be unclean by ancient samurai and was mainly a sport fish due its massive size and more commonly called a “horse mackerel”. The same is true about salmon, tuna, seer fish and mackerel. Similarly, Psalm 8:6-8 says: “Everything you [God] have put under his [man’s] feet: small cattle and oxen, also the beasts of the open field, the birds of heaven and the, ગીતશાસ્ત્ર ૮:૬-૮ પણ કહે છે: “તેના [માણસના], સઘળું મૂક્યું છે: એટલે સર્વ મેંઢાં તથા ઢોર, હા, રાની પશુઓ પણ; આકાશનાં પક્ષીઓ, સમુદ્રનાં. Searched term : tuna-fish. Tuna, any of seven species of oceanic fishes, some very large, that constitute the genus Thunnus and are of great commercial value as food. Tunas are elongated, robust, and streamlined fishes; they have a rounded body that tapers to a slender tail base and a forked or crescent-shaped tail. (countable) A cold-blooded vertebrate animal that lives in water, moving with the help of fins and breathing with gills. શિવ સર્વાંગે સુંદર અને એક રૂપે ઘણા જ સૌમ્ય છે. Here's how you say it. in separate bins or bags so they do not contaminate other food. સ્વભાવે બહુ ભોળા અને દયાળુ […], Copyright @2020 Any animal that lives exclusively in water. A whopping 84% of ‘white tuna’ was actually escolar, the snake mackerel fish that causes oily … (countable) A period of time spent fishing. બાળપણમાં માણેલા અને હવે ભૂલાતં-વિસરાતાં જતાં જ્ઞાન વર્ધક કોયડાઓની રમત એટલે ઉખાણાં, દિવાળી દરમ્યાન દેશના ખૂણે ખૂણે બનતા પરંપરાગત પકવાન અને લાંબા સમયથી ભૂલાઈ ગયેલા દિવાળીના પકવાન વિશેની માહિતી તથા અવનવી મીઠાઈની રેસિપીથી ભરપૂર દિવાળી સ્પેશયલ અંક. Tuna fish is high in several nutrients that have been directly linked to brain health. Info.
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