Jun. 1-Day Hiking and Scrambling Tour in Canmore, Alberta. Enroute, we will have the opportunity to drop our packs and climb either Mt. Karst Spring Hiking Trail. The huts are well equipped with cooking ware, stoves, fuel, bunks, and mattresses – we only need to bring our own food and sleeping bags.  One or two one-litre water bottles. We recommend you purchase the full backcountry food package. Occasional. This can be rented from one of the listed retailers. The trail is steep in places but switchbacks make it manageable. Wapta Falls is an easy, short day hike, although the definition of “short” depends on whether or not the gate is open. Getting our list of six off to an easy and promising start, the Bow Glacier Falls hike makes the cut partly because it’s the birthplace of the Bow River. All Rights Reserved. If it is, start the trail just after the parking lot. The Classic: Plain of Six GlaciersThere’s no way around the Plain of Six Glaciers hike. Somewhere in between is normal and having several clothing layering options is important. This 3-day glacier trek will take you to some of the most scenic glaciated mountain terrain that Western Canada has to offer. The length varies depending on whether you add in side trails to viewpoints. blister kit, prescription medicine, anti-inflammatory, contact lenses, prescription glasses, etc.) Intermediate.  Sun hat, preferably with a wide rim We continued up the excellent trail and soon were enjoying views of the ‘other side’ of the Presidents and the impressive waterfall coming off the south glacier. Itinerary: Good itinerary. What’s so special about this hike? Lodging/Food quantity and quality: The food was plentiful and really good quality. We were really happy with our itinerary and would have had trouble doing anything more than simply going hut-to-hut given how long it was taking us to get anywhere in the deep snow conditions, but I think if the trails had been clear we might have been disappointed that many of the peak climbs mentioned in the On Top website itinerary weren’t really an option. From here we travel a further 3km up the Glacier to reach the Peyto Hut which is perched on a rocky shoulder overlooking Peyto Glacier. Please inquire for a custom trip proposal. Given that there happened to be 16 males between the ages of 19-30 in Bow Hut with us, I wish I had had those and it might be worthwhile to include some in the toiletries bag provided to the group in the future. Date Hiked: June 14, 2018. We will take advantage of a network of backcountry huts run by the Alpine Club of Canada, all of which are spectacularly located high up on the Wapta Icefield along the Continental Divide of the Canadian Rockies. This hike is amazing, it combines everything, we crossed streams, saw many waterfall, glacier cave and a 360 phenomenal view of the Wapta Icefields and the two lakes. We made it back with no problems and they arrived a bit later completely drenched. In the summer months when the lake thaws it turns a dizzying blue from the glacier melt of the Crowfoot Glacier and Wapta Icefield. He really encouraged us to get the most out of each day on the trip. If your trip is cold or the snow is very slushy, your feet may be cold and wet at times? Google Maps Link. Guide:  Joe was great and we enjoyed all his stories. Canada: 340 Canyon Close, Canmore, Buff),  Sleeping bag – a three season bag is sufficient. The way up was fine, we stopped at the big waterfall first, crossed it’s water and had to climb over a bunch of rock and another stream to find the trail. Finally we reached the hut after about four hours.  Light down jacket or vest Additional days to extend the Wapta Icefield Glacier Trek are possible on a custom trip basis, and can include the following: We will gladly put potential clients in touch with willing previous participants of each trip in order for interested guests to get personalized references and their questions answered from a more objective point of view than what our office could provide. We will have an early start in preparation for an exciting day. More recently, the construction of a new hut has led to the development of an east-west traverse called the Bow Yoho Traverse. Temperatures can vary greatly on this trip. The Wapta Icefields are famous for their unsurpassed beauty and accessibility. The full traverse is more committing and adds more challenging terrain than our regular 3-day trip and we hence don’t recommend it for families with children under the age of 16. Hiking The Chief with 3 peaks in 1 day in Squamish, near Vancouver. “The trip was very good, my second trip with OnTop. For really keen and fit group members, there will be an option of an early morning ascent of Mount Rhondda South (460 m / 1,500 ft up and down over 4 km / 2.5 miles distance: 3.5 hours return for a fast group in good snow conditions). Unless you opt to hire a porter, you will have to carry a 40-50 litre (180-210 square inches) backpack weighing about 7 – 9 kg (15 – 20 pounds) depending on how much water you carry for the day. The falls is about a 30 minute easy walk and is very nice. Wapta traverse in summer Hiking trail in Stephen, British Columbia (Canada). Distance: 3.94 miles (official distance is 3 miles, but I wandered a bit more on this hike) Elevation Gain: 456 ft. 10/10″ Cynde, S., GA, USA, Guide:  Pete was a great guide – one of the best we’ve ever had. (370m / 1,200 ft climb, 800m / 2,600 ft descent, 7 km / 4.37 miles). MAP: 82 N/9 TIME: 3-4 hours DISTANCE: 6km / 3.7 miles HUT ELEVATION: 2,350m / 7,700ft ELEVATION GAIN: 150m / 492ft (loss of 300m / 984ft) Wapta Falls. Wapta Ice Hike Not many ‘hikes’ involve glacier travel – this one does. Bow Canyon, Wapta Traverse Outside temperatures are rarely below freezing in summer. It’s a really phenomenal Yoho hike and one of our favorite bang for your buck hikes in the Rockies. 1 day. 7 clients / guide, Canadian Rockies Backpacking We travel 9km and climb 2200ft / 670m. Known collectively as the Wapta Icefields they provide a unique opportunity for fit walkers and hikers to enjoy amazing mountain scenery normally reserved for mountaineers in the course of a three-day traverse. Wapta Traverse is a classic winter ski traverse in the Canadian Rockies, but as … For maps, detailed route finding and trail descriptions, visit the Yoho Visitor Centre or purchase a hiking guide book and topographical map. Hike to the origin of the Bow Glacier Falls for some outstanding views and a gorgeous waterfall. Group of 3: CA$ 990 / Pers. Bring or rent the following (see ‘Trip Info Links’ at the bottom of this page):  Mountaineering boots or sturdy, waterproof hiking boots that cover your ankles** Our packs were really heavily loaded that first day.  Light water sandals, croqs with heel straps or running shoes for creek fording (can double up as hut slippers)  Ice axe for glacier travel (50-75 cm long) The whole 14.2 … https://www.explore-share.com/trip/3-day-trekking-traverse-in-wapta-glacier Again, this wasn’t a problem for us, but I could see over-selling the peak opportunities on the website might be a problem for others. Two-Day Guided Trek on the Wapta Glacier (Banff National Park) 2 days. The views were spectacular and the huts super comfortable and well-equipped. Most of us hiked up to the Wapta glacier (freaking huge!) Cancellation Insurance is available through theSimpson Group. Hike; Scramble; Ski; Snowshoe; Links, Lists & Other Stuff. 1.  Health and travel insurance documents The Wapta Traverse is one of Western Canada's classic alpine traverses, and showcases the stunning scenery of the Canadian Rockies. He was fun, extremely knowledgable and amazingly good natured about having to punch through deep snow for miles on end. View back towards Wapta Mountain (R) and distant Presidents / Emerald Glacier (L) as Highline trail approaches Burgess Pass. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Occasional. (6 km / 3.75 miles, 550m / 1,800 ft climb, ~4 hours walking). 8. The terrain is not technical and it is relatively gentle, however, the use of crampons will likely be required, especially as snow coverage on the glaciers recedes later in the summer. The trail starts at the Wapta Falls Trailhead, which is a short drive off the Trans Canadian Highway just south of Field. Photoset. The trail travels along the edge of a clearing originally intended as a road to the falls.  One or two lightweight garbage bags for extra waterproofing Aug. 08-10 (Saturday-Monday) Include the side trip on the Path of the Glacier trail but then retrace your tracks and do the Cavell Meadows Trail as a 6.1 to 7.9 kilometre loop. Jul. 24 – 26 (Friday-Sunday) AB T1W 1H4, Canada, USA: 119 S. Sherwood, Fort Collins, CO 80155, USA, Copyright © 2018 OnTop ltd. for all images, layout and text. From CAD 104 . Thompson or Rhondda add 400 m / 1,300 ft climb and descent. The best season for this trip is July to September. Private Messages . The entire Wapta Traverse takes 5 days and includes staying overnight at the Peyto, Bow, Scott Duncan and Balfour Huts. Coronavirus (COVID-19): All Parks Canada facilities are temporarily closed, all visitor services and all motor vehicle access by visitors are suspended until further notice. Park here. The hike to Wapta Falls begins from the south end of the parking lot. Trip was organized and communicated very well. Wapta means “running water” in Cree and refers to the second tallest waterfall in western Canada, Takakkaw Falls (1247’) , which drains the Daly Glacier at the southern end of the Waputik Icefield. ... Vulture Glacier via Wapta Traverse and Wapta Icefields Routes. I would have liked a second day at Peyto hut or campsite on way to Peyto lake after the ridge but that would involve carrying tent and cooking gear. The hike goes around the Bow Lake following the trail to Bow Hut. ” Chris P., CA, USA, “The trip was great! Wapta Mountain Route Map. The following are not included but can be quoted separately. The route takes us down the usually snow-free Peyto Glacier past countless glacial creeks and glacier mills – providing a vivid example of glacial retreat. Theresa served us some fantastic food, both some afternoon snacks and a supper later.  Headlamp with fresh batteries Hiking to Wapta Falls: Hike Details. You’ll find excellent views of Takakkaw Falls - for those who don’t want to make the trip up to the Iceline Trail - and it finishes at a peaceful backcountry lake.  Crevasse rescue equipment (Prusik cords, webbing, pulleys, auto-locking device)  Wind and waterproof shell jacket with hood (Gore Tex or similar) Weather permitting, we will ascend very easy peaks adjacent to our route. Sept. 11-13 (Friday-Sunday) Starting Elevation: 3,469 ft. Shorter Wapta Trip Durations: Many groups shorten the Wapta Traverse to a 4 day / 3 night trip by cutting out Peyto Hut to avoid the long approach hike on the first day (7-8 hrs to Peyto Hut vs. only 3 – 4 hrs to Bow Hut). The total walking time including an ascent will be about 7 hours. Traverse of Waputik/Wapta icefields from Sherbrooke to Bow lakes. For the ascent of Mts.  Medium weight fleece sweater Patient and clear with everyone. Navigation was pretty straight forward, as we made our way through a sea of snow. This itinerary can be nicely combined with other mountaineering activities that we offer (rock climbing, scrambling, classic mountain ascents) or with other mountain sports activities (rafting, caving, horseback riding, mountain biking, etc.) The image below shows pretty well the different types of boots and crampons on the market. Group of 2: CA$ 1,290 / Pers. However, if you go all the way to Paget Peak, you’ll get the best views in the area. Bow Glacier Falls Trail runs along the shores of Bow Lake. How To. If you do not have one or more of the following technical equipment items, Temperatures in the Canadian Rockies vary hugely even in the summer months. Driving times between the trailhead at Bow Lake and: Calgary 2½ hours, Canmore 1¼ hours, Banff 1 hour, Lake Louise 20 minutes. We could experience sunny, blue skies on the glacier, but remember that snowfall is a possibility, even in summer months. Group of 7: CA$ 610 / Pers. This hike is an ideal introduction to glacier hiking, traversing from Bow Lake across the Bow and Peyto Glaciers to Peyto Lake. There are many day hike options available from Golden, and staying here is cheaper and less crowded than staying in the Parks themselves. Aug. 28 – 30 (Friday-Sunday)  Crampons with anti-snowballing plates (usually integrated into modern crampons) that are suitable for your boots.  Quick-drying sports bra We enjoyed the three day Wapta ice hike guided by Yamnuska Mountain Adventures. across from Wapta Lake. Hike . The winter route goes through the tight canyon, but the summer trail climbs above it on a large moraine. Intermediate. Itinerary: We loved the Wapta trip – one of the best backing trips of our lives. Recorded Track of a Hike. Wapta Ice Hike Hut to Hut Hiking Across Glaciers! Driving the Banff-Jasper Highway, the Peyto Lake viewpoint is a photographers dream. Park here. Jul. Absolutely would strongly recommend Jordy and OnTop to any friends going up toe Banff ”, min.  Synthetic or wool t-shirt  Hut slippers (best use the same light shoes you bring for creek fording as listed above) 3 clients / group Please read and fill out this additional Reservation Form and FAQ. After walking down the glacier tongue, we will hike through the moraine landscape (optional side trip to Cauldron Lake -2 additional hours), descend some steep moraines, cross the glacial outflow on a bridge and reach Peyto Lake, one of the postcard favourites of Banff National Park. If you ever wanted to hike across a Glacier this is the trip for you.I went on the Wapta Ice Hike traverse and it truly is a great experience, it is physically challenging so you do need to be fit, but the experience is one well worth having and the guys at Yam did a great job very professional and the food was good too! Short hikes and walks. Hiking time: 2.5 hours Elevation: 165 m Trailhead: Parking lot on the north side of the Trans-Canada Highway, 11 km east of Field, B.C. Our destination was the Bow hut; the Alpine Club of Canada's signature structure along the Wapta. 19 – 21 (Sunday-Tuesday) Sitting at about 30 metres high and 150 metres wide, Wapta Falls is the Kicking Horse River's largest waterfall. 1. A great compromise that avoids a long, first-day hike into the Peyto Hut is the Wapta Traverse with a Bow Hut start: Up to 7 hours per day hiking with a backpack. Guide: Tom was great. We usually deposit the guide’s car here in order to get back to the Bow Lake trailhead. A Gear Discussion – Going Light ; Articles & Rants; Blog of Everything; Canoe Tripping – Tips, Tricks & Gear; How many 11,000er’s are there? This is a three-day hike, starting at Bow lake and hiking up through the river gorge to the Bow hut, which sits just below the end of the Bow glacier. Note: rigid crampons will not work on hiking boots The icefield is shared by Banff and Yoho National Parks and numerous outlet glaciers extend from … Iceline Trail. However, if the gate is closed, the hike begins at the bottom of the road, which takes a bit longer. Lodging and food were better than expected and fantastic. Had lunch and discussed tomorrows objectives. Somewhere in between is normal and having several clothing layering options is important. and played around looking for route options. Thanks again for a wonderful trip. On the approach trail, you will get views of the falls all the way up the switch backs to Yoho Pass and then you won’t see them again until you reach the summit, which is quite a unique perspective. (eg. The Bow Glacier is the source for the mighty Bow River which flows through Banff, Canmore, and Calgary and beyond. The icefield is shared by Banff and Yoho National Parks and numerous outlet glaciers extend from the icefield, including the Vulture, Bow and Peyto Glaciers. to make for an excellent introduction to mountaineering, family, or multi-sport week. The Wapta Traverse is a 4- or 5-day ski traverse utilizing Canadian Alpine Huts that follows the north-south backbone of the Rockies where they separate Alberta from British Columbia. We headed in to this magnificent area in dubious weather yet managed to evade the rain on the first day, until the last few hundred feet on the headwall. Wapta Falls is about a 20 minute drive from Golden, just inside Yoho National Park. Them’s the Thoughts, Folks. 12 – 14 (Friday-Sunday) More recently, the construction of a new hut has led to the development of an east-west traverse called the Bow Yoho Traverse. lightly lined Schoeller fabric or similar) However, there is still an incredible reward at the end! EASY 4.4 mi. 1 day. If you wanted to do this trip as a ski traverse, have a look at our Wapta Ski Traverse. Banff National Park, Jun. Depending on your preference, we can meet you on Day 1 of the trek in either a) Canmore or Banff at 7:30 a.m. or b) Lake Louise at 9 a.m. at Laggans Cafe for a trip briefing and distribution of group food and rental gear. If the summer heat is getting you down, there’s one surefire way to cool off: hike a Canadian glacier! After gaining roughly 45 feet through a heavily forested area, the trail drops about 180 feet to the falls. Iceline Trail. Sept. 04 – 06 (Friday-Sunday) Itinerary: was great, last day was long for me, a middle of the roader. Thanks for catering for our vegetarian diet.  Feminine hygiene supplies Description: A moderate, forested hike to a glacial lake rimmed with thick vegetation and avalanche debris. Leaving Peyto hut, we climbed along the Wapta glacier and could barely make out the shapes of Mt. The Wapta Icefields stretch far across the Canadian Rockies in Banff National Park, just north of Lake Louise—and this moderately-challenging three-day course is a … 4-Day Wapta: $1145 CDN 6-Day Wapta: $1895 CDN Price includes guiding, hut fees, evening meals & drinks, transport shuttle if necessary, National Park ‘Wilderness Pass’. One additional night at the Bow Hut would give us more time to include more instruction, like crevasse rescue or self-arrest exercises, or to make an ascent of either Mount Olive or Mount Gordon, both around 3,200 meters / 10,500 ft high and reachable from the Bow Hut in about 6 – 7 hours round trip. Please let us know in advance. I assumed we couldn’t do them because of the conditions, but Pete told us that climbing the mountains mentioned in the online itinerary is never really an option, even when deep snow isn’t a factor. Start / Finish – Mount Shark trailhead. General trip organization / communication from our side: Communication was great. Beginner. Jul. The third day – an early start heading up to Balfour high col on a crevasse filled glacier. We enjoyed the three day Wapta ice hike guided by Yamnuska Mountain Adventures. Download its GPS track and follow the itinerary on a map. 11 – 13 (Saturday-Monday) To top it all off you get epic, spine-tingling descents along with some incredible glacier skiing if you hit the snow right. The hike to Sherbrooke Lake was an easy 3.2 mile out-and-back trail without much elevation gain. Trip Summary: July 13, 2018 Wapta Highline, also called Emerald Triangle, is labelled as one of best loop day hikes in Canadian Rockies (Patton/Robinson "The Canadian Rockies Trail … You’ll get amazing views of Wapta Lake & the surrounding area from Paget Lookout, which is a reward in itself. Sept. 25 – 27 (Friday-Sunday). I read the packing list but neglected to bring ear plugs. Don’t get me wrong – we loved having things like a whole container of real cream cheese and bagels to eat, but things like that are not usually what I think of as light-weight backpacking food. We started hiking at 10:00 and finished by 18:30. Put on your backpack and skis and look down. On the glaciers, you will be roped together with your fellow trekkers and your guide. What I love about this easy hike, is the ever-changing vistas, including a variety of views of Emerald Lake itself, the majestic mountains ringing the lake and the Emerald Glacier. 26 – 28 (Friday-Sunday) Thank you for your recommendations on the first two nights on the Bow Hut. Enroute, we will have the opportunity to summit one or more of the surrounding glaciated mountains that rise up to 3,300 metres (10,800 ft). The trail is primarily used for hiking and is best used from June until September. DIFFICULT 4.2 mi. Wapta Icefield Glacier Hikes.  Thick fleece or wool pullover, or PrimaLoft jacket He knows the area very well and no doubt about his vast experience in mountaineering. We really enjoyed ourselves and would recommend it to others.” “The Wapta Horseshoe Trek” starts at the turquoise waters of Bow Lake and ends at Peyto Lake, only 10 km driving distance north of our starting point along the world-famous Icefields Parkway that connects Banff and Jasper National Parks. This trail goes by Wapta Icefield and Bow Hut. Hikers can observe the making of this vital Alberta watershed from the base of the Wapta Icefield.  Ear plugs (recommended),  Lunch and snacks for three days (eg. Hike. Driving the Banff-Jasper Highway, the Peyto Lake viewpoint is a photographers dream. ACCESS: From Peyto Hut cross the Wapta Glacier or via the trailhead in the parking lot of Num-Ti-Jah Lodge on Highway 93 North 40 km north of Lake Louise.  Personal first aid kit and other needs (eg. Distance – 9.5 kilometres. It’s a pretty relaxed hike that spends the majority of time along the shoreline of Bow Lake. Part of an important wildlife corridor. The Iceline Trail is one of the great hiking trails in Yoho National Park. Wapta Falls. My rope team of Hai, Leisha, and Ivan are going to attempt Mount Rhondda (3055m). Featuring the ice-blue glacial Bow Lake and stunning panoramic views of its headwaters. We always recommend this trail to guests who are staying in the area who want a long, … 10/10 for sure. St. Nicholas, and Mt.  Toiletries (keep to a bare minimum – the huts have minimal washing facilities) Food & Lodging: Great food quality, but too much! The other four countinued and got caught in a fairly violent storm. Bridget I., New Zealand, ” Jordy was fantastic.  Mountaineering pants (eg. Wapta Falls is a short, easy and popular hike in Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada.. Wapta Falls is located at the south-west corner of Yoho National Park on the south side of the TransCanada Highway about 4.5 KM (2¾ miles) inside the West Gate. 1. Thompson – peaks of about 3,000m / 10,000 ft with great views all the way to Rogers Pass and the Bugaboos.  Comfortable clothing and shoes to leave in the car for return to civilization. Yoho Lake is one of the shorter hikes in Yoho National Park, and it’s a great opportunity to get away from the crowds. max. You are here: Home; Uncategorized; peyto glacier hike; Prev Next DIFFICULT 4.6 mi. This is also the starting point for the Wapta Traverse. The green-blue waters and glacial outwash framed by the mountains is in everyone’s photo album. You might start the hike in shorts at Bow Lake in temperatures around 25°C (77°F) and then face sub-zero temperatures as low as -10°C (14°F) the next morning when stepping on the glacier. Jun. The trek starts with a gentle stroll on the lakeshore trail beside the turquoise waters of Bow Lake.  Two pairs of gloves (lightweight and heavier weight) The “Wapta Icefields” is typically used to describe an area of several hundred square kilometers that include both the Wapta and Waputik Icefields. Yamnuska Mountain Adventures - Day Tours: Wapta ice hike - See 171 traveler reviews, 163 candid photos, and great deals for Canmore, Canada, at Tripadvisor. The Wapta Traverse starts at Bow Lake by Num-Ti-Jah Lodge in Banff National Park, about 45 minutes north of Lake Louise. A deep emerald green, Yoho Lake peeks out through the trees as you traverse narrow bridges over its wetlands. Itinerary was perfect. Be prepared for everything! This is also the starting point for the Wapta Traverse. Most notable is the hanging glacier on Cathedral Mountain across the valley. The Classic Wapta Traverse in Summer Crossing a deeply crevassed glacier is not a trip for the faint of heart, but it can give you amazing views and a great sense of adventure.  Hand sanitizer or sanitary hand wipes Time – 4 … This ice trekking program allows you to walk on one of Canada´s … From CAD 403 . Log in, Avalanche Skills Training 1 – Canmore/Calgary, AST 1 (Classroom Webinar/Rockies Field Day), AST 1 (Classroom Webinar/Rogers Pass Field Day), Avalanche Skills Training 1 for Ice Climbers, Avalanche Skills Training 2 – Canadian Rockies, Avalanche Skills Training 2 – Rogers Pass, Avalanche Skills Training 2 – Purcell Lodge, Intro to Alpine Ice at the Columbia Icefields, Navigation 1 (Back to Basics with Map & Compass), Navigation 2 (Digital Trip Planning & Electronic Navigation), Backcountry Skiing and Splitboard Touring Programs, Intro to Backcountry Skiing & Splitboarding, Intro to Backcountry Skiing at Purcell Lodge, Alpine Powder Belles – Women’s Only Backcountry Ski Program, Lift-Assisted Backcountry Skiing at Lake Louise, Signature Series Splitboarding Steep & Deep Camp, Crevasse Rescue for Skiers & Splitboarders, Rock Climbing Level 1 – Outdoor Rock Intro, Rock Climbing Level 1 & 2 – Rock Evolution, Rock Climbing Level 3 – Multi-Pitch Climbing Course, Rock Climbing Level 5 – Rock Rescue & Advanced Ropework, Ice Climbing Level 2 – Top Rope Management, Ice Climbing Level 4 – Multi-Pitch Ice Leader, Private Multipitch & Instructional Ice Climbing, detailed booking instructions and conditions, Mountaineering Boots* (must be crampon compatible – Please see notes below regarding boots), Sunglasses (wrap-around style to protect from the glare of snow and ice), First aid items (Our guides carry a first aid kit, but you may bring your own Band-Aids and anti-inflammatory medication if desired. Collie. Communications/Trip planning: I have been on many organized trips and your team is by far the best communicators. Coronavirus (COVID-19): All Parks Canada facilities are temporarily closed, all visitor services and all motor vehicle access by visitors are suspended until further notice. We hope to work with you guys again at some point.” Sean R., Halifax, Canada, “Pete was great. North of Lake Louise in Banff National Park, a series of vast but gentle Icefields, known as the Wapta Icefields stretch for miles across the Great Divide of the Canadian Rockies. Trail/Hike Guide.  Wind and waterproof over-pants with side zippers (Gore Tex or similar) The green-blue waters and glacial outwash framed by the mountains is in everyone’s photo album. 7. Thank you for all of the quick responses to our many questions. Water bladders not recommended GPS Route. We will go through an instructional session about glacier travel and crampon / ice axe use on Day 1 or 2. As happens so often, the toughest part of the day comes at the end: A 300m / 1,000 ft vertical climb takes us back again into the real world: Hordes of tourists will be waiting for us when we top out at the Peyto Lake overlook.  Gaiters that fit over your boot (unless pants seal tightly to your boots) Two-Day Guided Trek on the Wapta Glacier (Banff National Park) Come with Brent, an IFMGA-certified mountain guide, on a two-day tour of the immense and compelling Wapta Glacier in western Canada.  Toilet paper – small amount for daytime emergencies The icefield is shared by Banff and Yoho National Parks and numerous outlet glaciers extend from … Photos of a Hike. Fit. The trip is a great introduction to summer mountaineering with glacier travel and optional crevasse rescue and ice climbing practice – a perfect family or corporate trip!  Backpack (45-65 litres) with rain cover fitted to the pack.