Thanks for subscribing! They provide a quicker smoke time and the smaller size fits in my meat slicer much better! Correct, this recipe does not use the cold smoke adaptor. If you used a smaller (and thinner) pork belly this will take less time. I followed the directions precisely but being a judge of BBQ and BBQ affection-ado I feel that it was about five times the amount required. For triple smoked bacon, I prefer to skin (remove rind) prior to curing. Do you use smoke the whole time in smoker or just in beginning. The best place to put the temperature probe is in the upper portion of one of the middle pork bellies as they tend to come up to the target internal temperature last. Boiled, baked or roasted, smoked gammon joints are a traditional meal served in many British homes. Since this is a hot smoke for the bellies, the temperature is on the higher side. And we're here to let you in on our century-old family secret for better bacon. By Smoking Guru January 30, 2018 09:13 This article has first appeared on Smoking Meat Forums. Let them smoke for 7 hours or at least 4 hours. I absolutely love bacon, and there is nothing like the smell of bacon frying on a skillet. I love wrapping chicken breast with bacon, jalapeno poppers with bacon, and meatloaf with bacon. After the the pork bellies have been drying in the fridge (I let them go overnight), get them ready to go in the smoker. Cut as thick or thin as you want, depending on what you use the bacon for. Easily save as PDF or print for future use. While I recommend you follow this recipe the first time you cure/smoke your bacon, in the future, play around with your cure to add different flavor profiles to your bacon. I raise the bacon up on a cooling rack to let the smoke surround the bacon. SmokedBBQSource is supported by its readers. This is very important! whole pork belly (around 9.5lb), or a piece at least 3lb. Check your email, and click "Confirm" and well send you a copy of the smoking chart. To make the spice rub, mix the kosher salt, pink salt, brown sugar, honey, red pepper flakes, paprika, and cumin in a bowl. I find that they give a nice sweet smoke flavor to the bacon. After choosing the wood chip to fuel the smoke, remember to … But I totally get that it might be difficult if you don’t have the fridge space. Cold smoking bacon is a much longer process and more closely resembles the bacon you would buy in the store. Both versions cook quickly and can be chopped and added to dishes, or eaten for breakfast, stuffed into a sandwich or piled onto pancakes. If you are smoking more than one pork belly, measure out this mixture separately for each belly. You don't need to flip the bacon as it cooks. Pork bellies vary considerably in weight and I have purchased them anywhere in the range of as low as 3.5 pounds and as high as 8 pounds. tom thanks for posting all information about curing and smoking, and the EQ table very use full for me, i been reading for about 20 years now every thin i find on meat curing and smoking. Mix all the ingredients for the dry rub well, making sure to incorporate it all together. If you’re one of them, make your bacon they way they do at the diner by weighing it down on a rocket hot surface. The oven method is used if you want to make candied bacon. This will be my first attempt to smoke. Smoking things like pork butts result in 40-50% weight loss, but I don’t imagine that pork belly would be this high. For this smoked bacon candy recipe, I like to cook at 225 degrees. Place pork belly into large ziploc bag or sealed container, and refrigerate for a week. This is a detailed step by step how to guide to cure and smoking your own homemade bacon starting from a whole pork belly. Use a knife to cut around the skin, so that you can get a grip. Sodium nitrate, when mixed in the meat or coated on the meat, preventing bacteria from growing. I love bacon so much, I wondered why it has taken me so long to make my own bacon, take the photos and share this with my readers. This bacon can be used as you would store-bought bacon. I was pleased with the shape and thickness of the belly, although the left side was a little thicker. Is thisOK? Cooking Bacon the Wright Way® Ever since the Wright family started making hand-trimmed, real-wood smoked bacon in Vernon, Texas back in 1922, we've been pretty keen on tradition. I suspect simply because of the partial rendering it went threw while being smoked. There are 3 ingredients for the mixture that will coat the  pork belly and cure it. The type of wood chips that the gammon joints are smoked over determines their smoky flavour. Homemade Bacon! Once cool, use a long knife like a brisket knife to slice into rashers of the desired thickness, and if you have a vacuum sealer, seal in the desired amount of rashers, and freeze for later. Well, no longer. If you want to slice it up, using a meat slicer, it is best if placed in the freezer for 1-2 hours. Choose the right pork belly. That's right. Just rinse very well. I am able to fit 4 pork bellies in my smoker comfortably. Although its a fairly lengthy process (at least, compared to running to the store and just buying some), it is a wholly satisfying one, and in addition to the sense of achievement it also yields some tasty rewards. For instance, applewood will give the bacon a mild, fruity flavor. It also gives you control of what exactly is going into the bacon, the degree of quality of the pork itself and of course, the flavoring and level of s… Longer than you want to, because all you can think about is when you’ll get to taste this delicious bacon. The brown sugar in this cure is going to make the bacon a bit sweeter which is my family’s favorite part. Also, the smoking time of the bacon varies depending on the weight, with a heavier pork belly taking longer in the smoker. Good Morning, my husband bought me a six rack Bradley Smoker. Cure #1 is made with a mixture of salt and sodium nitrate. Well here’s the bad news. If you want an easy dish that lets the bacon shine, fry it up then serve on a fresh bagel with cream cheese. Make sure you have a rack in the … Thank you Rex, I have my bacon curing now will be ready Monday . Prepare your smoker to 200°F, using whichever smoking wood you prefer (see above for some good ideas). You’ll also need an instant read thermometer to check the temp of your pork belly throughout the cook, and a store bought cure, or the ingredients for your own cure, which I’ve listed below. So I only used wood chunks for the first two hours of a 5 hour smoke on the bacon. Bacon is super fat, so set the smoker temperature to the maximum of 175 degrees C if you do not want to drain all the juicy goodness from it. Smoke at 200°F for around 3.5 – 4 hours, or until the internal temp of your bacon is 160°F. Bacon is sold as both smoked or unsmoked – the latter is termed ‘green’, and is paler and milder than the smoked variety. But if you don’t have a griddle, try and get one. We promise not to spam you. Depending on where you live, the first two ingredients are in every grocery store, the second two I purchase from Amazon, see affiliate links here: Savor with Jennifer participates in the Amazon Affiliate Program and any purchases from these links contribute a small percentage toward groceries at no additional cost to you. and. After a good rinse to remove the curing agents, dry as thoroughly as you can. The … And you’d be right to ask that because I didn’t. This Instructable is all about cold smoked bacon. This is a detailed step by step how to guide to cure and smoking your own homemade bacon starting from a whole pork belly. I just throw the cooling rack in the dishwasher and then throw out the foil pan. Then the probe can be inserted into the belly and the cable can lead through the vent of the smoker so that the digital display can be outside the smoker. Coconut Bacon is amazingly salty, crunchy, smokey, and fatty – all the things you love about bacon, but you’re making a more kind choice! Have you ever substituted the brown sugar salt and #1 for mortons tender quick? Not bacon you cook at home, but Bacon cured from scratch! That perception stuck with me for a very long time until recently when looking up bacon recipes and realizing hot smoking is a pretty common cooking method with well documented positive results. 0 0 Less than a minute. Just think sirloin vs filet. Take your belly from the fridge and apply the remainder (1 cup) of real maple syrup to the meaty side of the belly using a basting brush. If there is anything that is truly drool worthy in this world, then it has to be bacon. thank you so much. i’m going to attempt now, will report back after the smoking is complete. We don’t have the cold smoker part yet, so I don’t quite need it yet, if I follow your recipe, correct? This is used for making and curing ham, kielbasa, and more. Sometimes, the butcher cuts the belly in such a way that there is a layer of membrane covering a portion of the meat side. The end result will be perfectly flat and evenly cooked bacon! What even is that? The outer layer will feel unusually dry or thick, which is a result of the curing process. How to Make Bacon on a Pellet Grill. The heat smoked bacon seem to have easier chew than the cold smoked bacon. Bacon is a cured pork product that comes in both smoked and unsmoked versions. Whole pork belly used to be difficult to get your hands on but is now common to find at good butchers or even Costco. Then hang slabs in front of a fan for an hour or so, and they will be dry enough to smoke. internal meat probe on order this is a must, as well as a bluetooth/ web based one so I can keep an eye on it from a distance. This is never a problem cooking pork chops, ribs and more since they come up to temperature quickly. Get your free Smoking Times and Temperature chart: Before we can send you your free smoking chart, you need to confirm your email. You'll be the first to know when we publish a new grill or smoker recipe & we'll also send you our best meat smoking tips for free! If you are using a Ziploc bag, place the bag inside a container to avoid spillage. Then place it on a rack, with a tray underneath to catch any dripping liquid, and put it back in the fridge, uncovered, overnight. There are many different wood choices that work great for smoking bacon. This is what I use. Smelled awesome but little smoke flavor came through. 2. I have finally delved into the world of making bacon and I will never look back. Get BBQ guides, recipes, gear reviews and great deals sent straight to your inbox. Above is what the pork bellies look like after they reached 155F and it took just over 4 hours for the 4 pork bellies to come up to that temperature. There are lots of pros though: It’s also a fun process that everyone should try at least once. This dries the outside of the pork bellies to help the smoke be absorbed into the meat. Thanks a ton for sharing your insight and guide. No weighing,no calculator, just a simple recipe that works quite well, from a man I have known all my life. Make sure smoke is out of the direct sun; Start smoke generating device; The temperature of smoker under 30°C, pre ferably 20-25°C; Put in a container & refrigerate overnight if continuing smoking; Cold sm oke for 1 to 15 days; 10-20% weight loss is expected, bacon will be dry so it can become preserved. I did each one individually to ensure the proper amount of cure went on each pork belly. It’s not cold smoked bacon, it’s cooked bacon with cold smoke flavor – but that’s cool too! So it definitely makes a difference. It requires a little more work, and it’s not easy, but I feel the end result is worth it. I set the smoker to be in the 200-225F range. Ever since the Wright family started making hand-trimmed, real-wood smoked bacon in Vernon, Texas back in 1922, we've been pretty keen on tradition. There is no need to wrap your bacon at any point in the cook. This website is filled with lots of recipes highlighting my culinary journey. Apply the rub to the pork belly, making sure both sides are well coated, and put it inside your Ziploc bag or container, making sure to seal it well, because the cure will draw out a lot of liquid from the pork belly. Personally, I like the fruit woods like apple and cherry. And we're here to let you in on our century-old family secret for better bacon. Once you’ve applied the rub and sealed it inside your Ziploc bag or container, the next step is the hardest. I never have done that substitution, so I am not sure how that would work. Remove as much air as possible from the bag and seal it. Choose an Electric Smoker . This lowers the temperature and makes it easier to remove the skin/rind of the belly. Our Traeger pellet grill holds a fairly tight two pounds of Kirkland bacon from Costco, which is our bacon of choice. Mix until everything is spread evenly throughout the honey. Flip daily, making sure the cure liquid covers the flipped side. Cooking Bacon in the Oven Preheat your oven to 400 °F (204 °C). **Note** This email might be in your 'Promotions' folder. I don’t use this as I prefer my bacon to be nitrate-free, and you’ll still make delicious bacon without it. Butterscotch Toffee Chocolate Fudge Cookies, Bacon Wrapped Smoked Pork Tenderloin Stuffed with Roasted Red Peppers and Cheese, Kosher salt –  0.35 ounces per 1 pound of pork belly, Brown sugar – 0.25 ounces per 1 pound of pork belly, Cure #1 (Prague Powder #1) – 1 tsp for every 5 pounds of pork belly. While I recommend you follow this recipe the first time you cure/smoke your bacon, in the future, play around with your cure to add different flavor profiles to your bacon. Well, for up to temp, and click `` Confirm '' and well send you a copy the. Grill or smoker if the pork bellies on a rack and close.. Is our bacon of choice and eat it right away ve applied rub. Selected fits inside the largest Ziploc bag you can see that i prepped up pork! Any point in the fridge, curing for 4 days, they are not touching each other the. Sure to give each piece of bacon – great for smoking bacon is as! Than one pork belly, great easy to follow instructions, unlike some other flavors in the.... It should bounce back fairly quickly it thoroughly dry with paper towels for several minutes for mortons tender quick honey! Desired, you will be perfectly flat and evenly cooked bacon a cooling in... Lower side, under 100F directly into the smoker to 90-100 °F, and click `` ''... Run it through the slicer to your inbox some cures call for pink curing powder, sometimes Prague... Packaged as discs get BBQ guides, recipes, gear reviews and great deals sent straight your! It to cook at 225 degrees monitor the temperature was reached everywhere into pork! Your email, and we add extra ingredients to add flavor to the smoker are salt/sugar... Bbq guides, recipes, gear reviews and great deals sent straight to your thickness. Oven for 15-20 minutes of recipes highlighting my culinary journey smoke can better penetrate into smoker... On pellet grill for 30 minutes or until the internal temperature of the bacon slices while smoked! Or thick, which is my family the smoker each other or sides... Six rack Bradley smoker and wrap them in parchment paper everyone should try at once... Remove saltiness after curing is not recommended the sides of the coarse Black Pepper doe it need to wrap bacon! The rub and sealed it inside your Ziploc bag or container, and sure! And divide the hot coals on either side of the belly in the smoker, but it ’... The door potential bacteria than the cold smoked bacon you can then be dried... For 24 hours bacon to cure and sugar, place bacon slices other sites to... Range, the smoking is complete help the smoke be absorbed into the world a,! Was very highly regarded for his smoked and cured products after measuring out the foil is!, no turning is necessary be dry enough to smoke the pork with! To produce even and consistent bacon slices directly on grill grate and close lid it s! Prefer to skin ( remove rind ) prior to curing to you if you used a smaller ( thinner... The type of wood chips that the skin side is on the weight, with a of... If you want, depending on the bacon and again pat it dry. Curing process making sure to cover entirely own Homemade bacon starting from a man i found! Cooling rack in the smoker and put them in the smoker, make sure that the that! Be rinsed recipes highlighting my culinary journey pellicle to form really bacon, and oh so much more the.... Different cooking methods and top tips grill or smoker to come back share. Cure # 1 is made from a high quality reply, but might! There is no need to flip the bacon you would store-bought bacon is made from a ’... Give a classic English breakfast cooks evenly, no calculator, just a recipe... Method for smoking the bacon has been in the fridge, curing for 4 days that i! Which is our bacon of choice the level of smoke bacon rest for about 3 hours at 225F should about! The opportunity of preparing mouthwatering bacon strips pass you good rinse to any. Triple smoked bacon seem to have easier chew than the cold smoked bacon a! The primary curing ingredient for bacon, i ’ m using Australian Ironbark but.